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Five Star ~ 365 Photos Challenge #89

Bushy, wild, trivial, and useless, that was my view of this flower before knowing the benefits it contains.

About twenty years ago, in a hamlet on a mountain in West Java, in the home of a village elder, I saw two flower buds soaked in a little water in a glass. A few moments later I learned that the water that drips from the tip shaft of the flower was useful for curing eye or eye infections, dry eyes, or just cleaning the eyes then we would see more comfortably and clearly. By boiling these flowers according to the dose and then consume regularly and regularly, this flower is also able to overcome the symptoms of cataracts.

In addition to a variety of benefits for other problems the flowers are also beneficial to cure asthma and sore throat, prevent the growth of cancer cells early on, cure a toothache, and as a wound antibiotic. This is the flower of a group of Five Star flower plants, which is a family of Campanulaceae, a bush-shaped flower, located in one corner of my backyard.

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