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Chima ~ 365 Photos Challenge #92

My friends, today is the 92nd day of my participation in this challenge.

For a need, after work this afternoon, I visited Brigita, my youngest sister. As always, at the entrance Cotton welcomed me with longing.

In the family room, Kris, my brother-in-law was sitting with Chima. Looks like they’re talking seriously because Kris then put her face close to Chima’s face. I immediately documented their togetherness.

After I joined them, I asked about what they were talking about. Kris said that the fierce Chima was annoyed that she was constantly being rubbed. So Kris finds it necessary to apologize to him.

Are you curious and eager to participate in this challenge? Come on, why don’t you take your camera, point out on something, click, then put your picture in this community, and here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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