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Beyond The Horizon ~ 365 Photos Challenge #91

My eyeballs are limited space, boundaries, and delimiters. The globe is the limit within the boundary of the atmosphere at the forefront of the galaxy. Although the limit is not clear, the galaxy also has that limit, and also the “entire” of galaxies.

Every time we talk about boundaries, we will also talk about other territories that we call “out of bounds”. Talking about it will also put us in an “inside boundary” or “out of bounds” position.

The definition as part of the paradigm is also a limit. At least it is limited in human perception or imagination. Something that people can still imagine always has a limit. Beyond that is an out of sense, an absurdity.

So we find the situation that beyond the bounds, there is always something. And something always has its own limits. If so, the boundary of something must have resulted in something else beyond that limit. And if that out of bounds is anything, then something will have its limitations again. And so on.

If followed continuously, then we can conclude that we are actually living in an infinite world. Infinite does not mean unknown to the limit, but there is no limit. Every boundary will cause something beyond that limit, and this will never end. This is the infinite condition.

The big question is: can people understand infinite circumstances? Can not. For the human mind, everything must have an edge. But by definition, the boundaries must have something out of bounds. Infinity becomes absurd. Human imagination is incapable of understanding it, unable to be in the true sense, not figuratively.

If we travel with a super-sophisticated spacecraft, as soon as the plane starts flying we will begin to break the line; sky, atmosphere and so on. We will continue to penetrate, penetrate, and penetrate again, again and again.

Even if we find the end of the universe, lest it be just a wall of a quantum or a cell wall? When we count numbers, to the extent we count, we will never reach the limit? How could something possibly have no limits?

We live in infinity and are a small part of infinite, yet we can only see the limits and manipulate and exploit what is in them. Beyond the boundary, there is always another limit. When we try to imagine a state of infinity, our brains encounter a wall of dead ends. Stagnant. Our imagination is incapable of imagining infinity. Unlimitedness into something that does not make sense – cannot be included in the mind. And since infinity is the great context of our existence, then we can say that we are actually living in mischief. The sensible things that we understand actually exist in the indiscretion. And it may be necessary for us to be more tolerant to the misbehavior. Or, should we have done an adventure by another way, not with mind nor with something produced by the mind?

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  1. If you understand the limits of your abilities, you will be able to act in agreement with them instead of letting them work against you and hindering you, which they do whenever you ignore them, whether you know it or not. And only then will you find that your limited capabilities may be your strength.
    B. Hoff

    A great photo and reflection on human abilities.

  2. Our minds can only go so far I believe. We actually put the limits and boundaries on everything. If we think something is limitless I don’t think our mind can actually process that, I think that is what you are saying.


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