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Color Crazy Challenge Week 7 – Purple and Pink

It is Thursday in my side of the globe and I almost forgot to write my entry for the Week-7 of the #colorcrazy Challenge created by @kim_johnson. Oh, on that note, if you are interested to join, read the guidelines here.

Anyway, back to Color Crazy Challenge…the current theme is purple and pink.

My cover photo and the next one were shots of sunrise in Ubein Bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar. It is the oldest and longest footbridge made of teak wood in the world measuring 1300 yards across Taungthaman Lake. It is said that the bridge was made out of the remains of the Royal Palace of Inwa. A lot of monks pass by here in the morning and with that gorgeous sunrise, one can expect a lot of tourists as well. You have to wake up pretty early in order to catch this glimpse. I picked these pictures because of the purple element of the sky, of course, and the purple skirt of the Burmese lady carrying a basin full of load over her head.

This one is from Luang Prabang National Museum in Luang Prabang, an ancient town in Northern Laos. I love it for its laid-back pace of life and its magnificent waterfalls.

That would be me and my cousin, Rose — a memory from Halong Bay, Vietnam. The surroundings are not quite purple but the blouse I was wearing is. Lol!

This is in Songdo Beach, Busan, South Korea — they have this thing for changing lights, you see. The color of the lights changes from pink to purple to white to green to blue and I cannot remember what else. My fingers got numbed from cold taking pictures and four of my fingernails suffered from it.

And because it has both pink and purple so I thought this graffiti will suit the Color Crazy theme. Wall graffiti such as this are common in the neighborhood of Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia.

This is some part of the wall in our bedroom — two pink lines that run from ceiling to floor containing knick-knacks from all our travels. I do not have much space to move around and so I cannot photograph the whole of it.

And last, but not the least, what about a poem in purple? Lol! If you will notice, my Pixie logo is largely shades of purple and, of course, I customized the color of the text just so it fits right in the Team Purple.

There you are. If you like to read more about Kim’s rules, go to this link.

Light and love everyone! Be happy. Be love. Life is short for anything else.


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    • Ahhh yes, so many fun in my adventure and misadventure and that is one huge reason I cannot regret being single to this day. But maybe the fun has been more fun because I am with the 3 sweet-n-sour witches. Oh, and I would rather salute myself hahaha. Dang, the phases I had to go thru with that particular angel — it was like confronting my very own dark side. I would say, though, it was the choices I made that made me happier, stronger and more confident as a person — the angel merely provided the nudge and the merry-go-round ride. That is not to say I was not grateful for the experience, the reason and the lesson. Just that, ultimately, our own action and reaction towards people and circumstance are what make us the person we want or do not want to be. Angels are only guides – vehicles or agents of change.

      • Well, you are the center! The center of the universe, the other is just everything that surrounds you, then you make the decision for yourself.

        We (Javanese and Sundanese people who still respect the ancient wisdom or the Javanese “makrifat”; the highest knowledge in mysticism) believe, effort, realize and see, and cooperate with our four twin brothers, our supernatural brothers who are also called four (guardian) angels to finally meet its Center. The virtues which in Javanese called “Papat Sedulur, Limo Pancer”, means the four brothers and the fifth are the centers. As you also know, it is also found in all ancient teachings and religions (in some sense).

        • Didn’t I mention that if ever I know anything I got it mostly from talking with people who care to talk about the subject? First time I hear about Makrifat so I asked Google and got results in your language. Now I cannot figure out the head and tail of it because the only phrases I know are “terima kasih”, “sama sama” and “selamat petang” ???. So I am afraid you have to expound it

          • Aww… it will be too long to explain it here! But in short and simple way could be like this; I’ve borrowed the word makrifat from Sufism which can be simply understood from two approaches; a level of knowledge and plane of consciousness. For those who love in spiritual quest, in this term; after performing various rules (religious) or worship, to then choose the path (of mystic), “the mystics walk” to reach the ultimate or highest point (though not the final) of the discovery of true truth, or discovered and realize the essential truth; undeniable and absolute final truth about the whole of existence and or when one reaches the knowledge of God’s truth then it enters a stage called ‘makrifat’ which affirms the Oneness of God, The Almighty. It also means that after experiencing or experiencing various mystical experiences, recognizing that there is no true reality except the Divine, the absolute, while the other is pseudo. According to the Sufis, makrifat is part of the Trinity.

        • Sounded like Shams of Tabriz to me — or Rumi. Altho, some Rumi expert said he was not a Sufi (so I would think that Shams may not be a Sufi also). In that area, I only but read a little thru writings of Bulleh Shah and very, very little from Hafiz. I am, as I say, mostly a gatherer of here and there. Lol

    • As a lone gatherer in the actual world I live in everyday, that is rather a challenging task. My practice is never consistent — travelling gives me that Zen effect inside but at the same time distracts my meditation — and that distraction is extended when I return home with lotsa backlog to catch up with. I dunno if other people are like me in that sense. Sometimes I wonder if, maybe, my soul picked the wrong country haha why cannot I be just contented as Catholic like everyone else — many people were born and died that way — and my soul seeks for more? Then it should have picked the right place to be born in hahaha in the first place

        • A friend and I were just discussing about progressive spiritual growth (I am reminded because of your statement there saying regardless of circumstance, a soul will always be a seeker) — I rest my case for now my friend. I suppose until one is a renunciate, practice of spirituality will always suffer high and low — there are good days and there are bad days along the path. No wonder a lot of people quit before they get there. I hope I will not be among that stat. Lol! Hey, I will catch up with your posts by next week — got caught up with work and my notifs here are still unattended. I am just glad that most community members here are patient ones.

  1. I love everyone of the photographs. The colors fit perfectly!
    You should use the list option when posting, instead of story, so we could comment on each photo. If you don’t click on voting or open for admissions, it just comes out in a list with a comment section below each photo. The reason why I say this is because, OMG, the pictures are great, I would love to comment on each one.
    Your stories are always captivating, and the poem at the end is so good and true. Thank you for sharing these!!! : D

    • I LUV YAH FOR THAT TIP! What can I say? I am a dummy. I was actually wondering how you, guys, do that hahahaha. I thought a list means a list. Lol! Well, of course, now that I know that option, I will use that from next week on.

      • It took me a few months to figure it out. Just make sure you don’t click open for voting, if you do the pictures get all out of order. I still post in stories too, but when I have multiple pictures of different subjects, I always use the list. Glad I can help.

    • I was so excited to try out your tip and so I have already my “black and white” color crazy entry ready (in my draft page) for next week hahahaha. I did the article using the list option and it is just wonderful for you to mention that. I had fun. I will submit that on Sunday night. I wanted to submit it today but Virily might approve it too early. Lol!

      • Thank you Pixie, glad I could be of some help here. You will make more virils as well since you get them for each comment people make. That is also an added bonus. It is Friday, and the weekend lag starts today. I think you could’ve posted it today, and it might not show up until Monday anyway. Plus the rules are very lax in the color crazy challenge.. Early is good too.