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Color Crazy Challenge – Male peacock

This week includes more than one color. I decided that the nuances in the plumage of the male peacock met this requirement.

Try to match the shades of blue red or green if you can.

copper, gold, silver, red, blue and green. This is how Kim_Johnson defines colors.

Let’s hope the photos are responsible for this challenge.

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  1. Like I said above, you have picked a perfect one for those colors. I even had the irredescent blue in the photo and didnt mention it. You even got that. Love it, the idea. And I love both shots. The first one is amazing because of the detail and the second one was so much fun.

    • I waited more than 1 hour to take some pictures. It is difficult to predict what an animal will do in the next moment. You know them better than I do. Thanks for the great comments on Kim’s photos.

      • I like to comment on individual photos since they are so different than one another. I like to write what I think about when I first view a photo, so thank you! I am glad you had the patience to watch him for an hour, it was so well worth it.

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