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Chillaxing ~ Day 127

My cat Brendel definitely knows how to relax and take it easy. Today is a very windy but sunshine day. Rain is coming in tonight for the next two days. My patio doors are open just above where she is laying. She gets on this rug when I open the door and can feel the breeze, soak in the rays, listen to the birds, and chillax. She has taught me how to take life as it comes and to chillax more often. I find myself less stressed lately. Still missing my Dad of course but I am learning acceptance right now. A huge step. Enjoy your day!

I really hope these photos will be visible when I hit the purple button. ©CarolDM2018

I am continuing with the 365 Photos Challenge and I am now on Day 127.


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Written by Carol DM


    • Yes indeed she is Albert. She has a chronic condition and I almost lost her a couple of years ago, I think our bond has strengthened since then. No apology necessary. I could not access the site until 7:00 pm last night for a few moments only.

  1. It’s a big step, for sure. I’m starting to learn acceptance too, after a year of absolute refusal and denial. Isn’t it amazing what we can learn from our animal friends 🙂

  2. Cats are therapeutic in many ways and also good teachers in my opinion. Sometimes watching the sleep and relax will help me relax as well.

  3. Peace be with you dear Carol. maybe eat something your dad liked to eat. My dad always ate corn flakes for breakfast, so one day i passed them in the cereal aisle, and i just had to buy some. I went home and smiled as I ate some of his favorite cereal. It helped me a lot.