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Catfish ~~~ 365 Photos Challenge ~ Day #96

And my camera broke, right after taking a picture of my cat’s catfish!

I might have to lay off of the 365 until I can save for a new one.

This photo a day challenge is really fun and anyone can join the challenge anytime. Please share this and challenge your friends as well. Check out the rules here: 365 Photos Challenge.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Sad to hear about the death of your cam — I felt the same way when one day my Nexus won’t just wake up — my heart literally broke because I kept there a lots of e-books and photos from my travels ???. Hey, don’t you have an old cam sitting gathering dusts somewhere?

    • Thanks Pixie, Nexus is a great brand too. So sorry to hear about yours as well. And this was my backup camera. The dusty one.. lol.. Today I am going to get a new one. Still torn between the T6 canon or just a point and shoot.

  2. Oh no! Not you too 🙁 In February, within the past couple of weeks, I had a camera stop working, my cell phone got completely fried and I’m missing 4-5 of my rechargeable batteries for my big camera. If not for a lady I do contract cleaning for, I still wouldn’t have a phone. This was the tightest, worst month ever! Again, Happy March! Let’s hope all of this madness and mayhem is over <3 Try taking the batteries out of your camera and just letting it set unused for a while… Sometimes, it'll work when you come back to it… Keeping my fingers crossed for you <3


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