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Alphabet Crazy ~ N week!

I found two N’s this week. One is the cover, the N where the legs meet the body, and the one below, with our hike on a Narrow Trail in Nature! 

This is a full hike in one of San Diego’s Slot Canyons near our house. This is one fun hike. There are 15 photos and a page two, make sure to click on page two if you would like to see the whole hike. 

Have a great day. 

#1 Would you hike here?

Do you see the N on the top of the hill to the right of the palm tree? The sky seen through that evergreen makes a capital N. 

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#2 Hiking a slot canyon.

This was one fun hike. Although a bit narrow at times. 

#5 Looking up

It got very narrow. 

#6 Narrow crevices.

#7 See the footprints?

People do fit. 

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#10 A cave

A little place to rest, inside a cave. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. A great hiking experience along with you and the kids. Your photos are so crisp and clear I almost felt I was there. But I am afraid I would pass as I would be suffocating from the blazing sun. Also heights are murder for me. Heck I cannot climb on a low still… anyway still a big thanks for taking me and other Virilyans along for the hike.

    • This would be a great hike or you in the winter. Or spring, we don’t see the sun in the spring time. I am extremely afraid of heights as well. I start to shake. This time I did not. I didn’t experience vertigo until I got to the top and looked out at the ocean. Then it set in, I had to stay well away from the cliff. I felt like crawling down on my hands and knees, luckily there was a trail that meandered through the trees to the bottom.

    • Thank you Sandra. I am also very afraid of heights. I start to shake. This did not give me vertigo, until I reached the top for the view. Then I stayed way back away from the cliff. I can’t do cave hikes either. But having the sky above didn’t set that fear off either. You might be able to do this. I even saw some kids and parents.

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