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Sometimes I like to go to places I have never walked before here in my little neck of the woods. 

I live in Oceanside, California not far from the beach. I find a lot of trails just by looking at Google Maps. Sometimes I find a really great place, and sometimes looks on Google maps can be deceiving. 

This is kind of funny, we looked up this canyon and saw beautiful waterfalls, oasis type stream, someone had even taken close ups of the falls. 

So off we set to what looked like the most traveled trail. 

This is the trail.

Number 128.  Off in the horizon you can see a Lagoon and Ocean.

The waterfalls were to the right and down the hill. 

Number 129.

Except it wasn’t just a hill, but a 100 foot bluff… and the only way to the falls is starting down by those houses and walking up the canyon. We decided to just stay here and let the dogs run and chase those pesky wabbits. 

You can see the lagoon better here.  


We did find a seep, pictured below. 

Do you know what the difference between a spring and seep? 

The term seep refers to springs with small flow rates in which the source water has filtered through permeable earth. 

Fracture springs, discharge from faults, joints, or fissures in the earth. The springs follow a natural course of voids or weakness in the bedrock.


The palms are loving the water. 


And flowers.. These are African Daisies. 


The purple and white kind..


Number 135, a bit closer..

The seep ran dry fairly quick. From the little pool shown above to the end was about 30 feet. 

Here is about 20 feet down and number 136.

Luna, (the pup) enjoyed the walk. I never saw Meika (wolfdog) until I called her to go back to the car. lol 

Number 137

More puppy pictures! 


The way back up the trail, as we leave the water behind. 


Some other day we will find the falls.. Damselfly #140

If you would like to join in the challenge feel free to join in. 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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