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365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 49 A Winter Landscape in Simple Terms

A winter day, a cold windy gray that sets into your bones. My heater is broken so I got to feel the full force of winter indoors and out. I drove by a local lake and noticed how the light lit up pieces of the lake beautifully, unfortunately when I got back with my camera it had moved to a spot I couldn’t shoot.

I thought the images are showing that cold atmospheric feeling as well as how large the sky is and how small man and his plans are. I liked the desolation of this landscape as previously I have photographed it as the sun was setting.

Much like people landscapes and nature has many different personalities. Artists are required to see and speak the language of a landscape in varying degrees of light and shadow. I have photographed simple images of landscapes in winter but there needs to be some defining feature of the light.

Light is everything, it separates the mundane from the extraordinary. Much like a muscle, as we continue to seek the light  it becomes more obvious and we can find it even in the grayest days.

This is one such gray winter day.


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Written by stevelinebaugh

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