365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 20 A Cold Winter

My photographic journey has turned more into fun and experimentation as the gray winter days pass. It’s less about quality sharpness and lighting and more about the abstract appeal and maybe a mood.

It’s an amazing discipline when you force yourself to shoot every day, I lost a few days during the holiday but I’m quickly catching up. These photographs are near sunset against a cold white sky and the light of the flash have transformed the sky into a cold blue.

This is blue from the original, I didn’t up the blue or tamper with it. I liked how the shapes of the trees against a blue background created an abstract that described how I was feeling.
It is a cold, cold winter, the breeze is blowing in from off the lake,
the ducks are all huddled against each other
and I am the only soul out here
wandering this winter landscape

a cold, cold winter day…

I can barely realize its Christmas
I can’t feel the warmth of the lights
the joy and calm of the season
at the moment
all I feel is cold.


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Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey