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Snow ~ Themes by the Month

A few years ago we had snow. It doesn’t happen that often, thankfully. This photo was taken on the  back deck. We had several inches of snow during this winter.

Sharing this photo with Kim’s Themes by the Month Challenge.

I remember this was before The Dude was here, only Brendel. She would look out the patio doors and probably wonder what the heck that white stuff was all over the ground.

The snow  may be nice to look at and photograph, but as many of you know, it can cause dangerous roads.

If any of you are having this type of weather, please be safe out there.

Photo ©CarolDM

  • Have you ever had snow in your world?

    • Never had snow
    • Have snow every year
    • Sometimes we have snow


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Written by Carol DM


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  1. I admire photos and imageries of snow. In this part of the world where hotness exceeds coldness, one is sure to experience it when climbing the tallest mountains. Although, I have come to learn they can be quite a disaster.

  2. Gorgeous photo making me feel very melancholic. Here in Gstineau we have had only about one inch of snow so far. This must be a record for the region. Today still no snow but bitterly cold. Oh well at least it is not the humid melting summer… at least I like the weather we are having right now…


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