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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 175 Bird on a Wire…

My twins (and my daughter) don’t really like being close to large birds. On our humidity shortened walk yesterday evening, we encountered a very large buzzard, vulture or whatever scary looking bird this is. I was, thinking of all the funny or annoying dad joke’s I could use. Like that Vulture has it wired, or “this is Vulture services, may I ask the party you are trying to reach?” for Lily Tomlin fans. You are talking to me, for Deniro fans. But the Vulture just sat there staring at us. We had interrupted their dinner (the other two flew across the road to a tree on the other side. This one stayed on our side of the road and stared. Mostly I suspect it stared at our party because it was hoping the Labs wouldn’t decide that dead Raccoon mid-walk made for a great light evening pre-dinner snack. The labs didn’t, they while certainly are hunting focused, are not dead animal-focused other than smelling and moving on. The Vultures were, however, mid-meal and probably not happy about their reservation being moved!

We often see wildlife on our walk. We’ve sadly seen the darker side of animals and humans coexisting. The impact of a car on a Raccoon or a Fox is much more on the animal than the car. Normally the bodies of the now dead animals get to throw off to the side. We’re in the one section of the road that butts right up to a greenway (Maryland requires that subdivisions have Greenways between them for the wild animals). The largest Greenway is on the far side of our path, and we’ve sadly seen deer get hit by cars there. We’ve seen red foxes and the Raccoons above. To quote Kim Johnson’s post of the other day you never know what you will see. I would only add, sometimes you never know when you just have to look away.

Anyone can join the photo challenge. Share a picture less than seven days old and well, you are in! Keep track of how many days you’ve submitted. There are no prizes other than the smiles when you touch someone with a picture!

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  1. What a great capture. I know, many times I have to turn my head, it is heart breaking. But is is also reality. And I can relate to the humidity. Yuck! Hard to breathe right now. Have a great day!

  2. Well, good for the labs! Meika would of rolled in it, the pup would of carried it along for a toy. You really didnt make any dad jokes? Are ya slipping? I liked them, even the deniro, which I might ad will be stuck in my head all day. I can picture and hear Lily on Saturday Night Live, with those glasses perched on her nose. hahah. Thanks for the entertainment and great post.

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