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#166 Of The 365 Day Photo Challenge: Walking In Florida

This is #166 of the 365 day photo challenge. Anyone can join, just post a photo for 365 days.

This is a photo of my daughter Stacy, and her step-dad Ray walking while we visited my other daughter in Florida. I would post pictures of her, but she is camera shy lol. I wish we could visit her once again, but doesn’t look like we can afford it this summer.

Stacy  must be following her shadow cause she is looking down far enough lol.


Image Credit-LaJenna


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  1. From the photo, it looks to me like she is following Ray’s shadow. I can tell you when the tropical heat returns to Florida in the summer I always bravely start out walking for exercise and no matter where I am I wind up on the beach because that is the only place where you can get refreshing breezes blowing in from the ocean.

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