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Just for Fun ~ My Favorite Color is….

Blue, but my second favorite is PURPLE!! I love purple. I wear purple, I love purple flowers, I have even seen pretty purple cars.. 

While out on my walk last week I stopped by this wild butterfly bush I had been waiting for to bloom. 

I was talking to Carol DM the other day when she posted her beautiful white butterfly bush that I would take a hike down to the wild one I found last year to see if it had survived and was in bloom as well. We have had extreme heat and drought this last year. It survives without any help from humans. We do get a foggy marine layer most nights, that I believe is its main water source. Unless it sits over a spring, who knows. 

This bush is around 15 feet high and about that big around as well. 

Here it is, the bottom part of the plant. 

At about hip high, the blooms get bigger. 

I couldn’t quit taking pictures. I shot from the waist for the next one. 

Chest high for this, looking up. 

A close up. This is actual size.

How many shots are there?

Well I had to take a lot, it was a huge bush. lol 

The half bloomed one.. 

Do you see my point? So many angles and shots to choose from..

I wish I had this monster along my fence in the back yard. 

I hope you enjoyed my find.. I just need help taking it home.. Any volunteers?


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • Have you ever seen the Black Knight? I want one of those. It would look great in my garden.
      When your plant is established and in good light if it likes its location you can expect 2-4 feet a year. Dead head, don’t cut back. They can survive below 20.

      • Yes I have seen the Black Knight. When I bought mine, white was the only color they had and I wanted one so bad I settled. But I do have room for another. Also, I do not cut back, that is the key. Thanks Kim.


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