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Gumby is 20 Today.

Monday, 1.6.20

Today is Gumby’s 20th birthday. He doesn’t need anything. He has food, treats, cat toys, and cat tree. 

I went to Lowe’s to get the filter, but they aren’t stocked up yet. They told me to come back in around 10 days. I went to Michaels to return the item that I recently bought, but I now have to wait for another 9 workdays, which will be in two weeks. I browsed inside Costco, and I noticed some probiotics and protein drinks as well as drawer organizer.  I returned home and called Best Buy, and they said they have 1 left, which I thought was a miracle, all of a sudden. So, I went there to buy it. 

The weather was beautiful today, with blue skies, bright sunshine, and warm summer weather. 

I didn’t go to the gym today because I hoping to finish my errands instead. But at least I got one thing on my list. 


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  1. Happy Birthday sweet Gumby. My you do not look your age except maybe some grumpy stares. Otherwise you seem very healthy and spry. I hope the fact that your mommy was gone part of the day did not upset you too much. Sorry Fifi I just cannot help talking to the animals whether big or small young or old…


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