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"I'll be back soon."

This morning when I said I would be back soon I meant it. I had many errands to run, and I had a plan. It was going to be rather quick and I had everything routed out. Apparently I forgot to tell the rest of the world! It started when I walked out of the door and saw all the elk. I couldn’t just leave and not let see all the elk. We love to see them. I started the truck and then went back in to make sure everyone saw the elk. It was a small delay, and still, I don’t consider that one a waste of time.

I stopped at the first store and they had baking powder, which I needed, but it was all expired. They offered me a great deal on expired baking powder. I am not sure why there is an expiration date and what will be wrong with the product, so I decided to be prudent and go to a different store.

The second store had the baking powder. It had no blackberry preserves. So I bought what I could there and went to the other store to pick up the blackberry preserves. 

The next stop was the bank. Twenty-five miles in the other direction. It is what it is, I turned the music on and kept driving. The ladies at the bank were ill so it was driving up only. (Yes, I know the germs still come out to the car, but apparently they thought this was better.)

Now to the quarry. Went to the quarry Twenty – one miles away. Cute little sign Emily had her baby give us a call if you REALLY need something. I had to stop and think for a minute. At this point I thought I REALLY need a coke, thankfully my logic side kicked in and said “surely your route will change again and you will find some coke. (oh, coke the soda, just to be clear.)” I don’t know if anyone will be there tomorrow, but I think I will call before I leave the house for the quarry business. (Oh, it just dawned on me right now – they didn’t say if it was a boy or a girl. I need to know so I can crochet all night and get the blanket done.

My cell phone rang so I took the next exit to see who needed me. My brother was concerned because I had been gone quite a while and he had thought of several more items we needed. I got out my pen and paper. I went back to the original store and when I walked in the clerk said we found some good baking powder. Since they had been so thoughtful, I put it in the cart with the other items and a cold coke.

When I hopped in the car I thought I was headed home and there was a text. I pulled over.  It was from the pharmacy. The doctor called and changed some of Bro’s medication, I needed to come right away so he would have the proper things he needed. I had to drive to the next exit, about 12 miles away and head on away from the house again.

I got back in the car with the medicine and called the house. I am 30 miles away from the house. There is one gas station between me and home. Just that one Sinclaire and whatever is in it. Does anyone at the house need anything that I can pick up there? 

Look at the picture to the right. I have to say I love it, but I wasn’t feeling that way when I made that last call. In fact, I was a bit grumpy. 

I pulled into the driveway and there was a big sign on the door. “WELCOME HOME ~ WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!”

It was perfect. It made me feel thankful, grateful and blessed. (It looked like children had made it. They drew elk. It’s a keeper. I can guarantee it will hang in the art room.

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    Do you ever have to stop and think if you should laugh or cry?

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    • Thanks so much for just noticing. I wrote about the whole day and was really feeling like no-one understood. They are already making a new list. I can’t wait to go back to work Monday! (You may have to remind me I said that on Monday.)


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