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Errand Browsing Day

Saturday, 12.28.19

At 3 pm, I decided to go to the Dollar Store because I needed to buy a new 2020 calendar. It was a nice winter day, cool but mild. As I arrived at the Santa Ana shopping district, which is across the street from Costa Mesa’s South Coast Plaza, I noticed a new store next to the Dollar Store. EcoTown looks like an interesting warehouse store. I browsed inside the Dollar Store, and ended up getting 2 calendars because I couldn’t decide between kittens or puppies. I also picked up some needed office supplies and a large measuring cup. This store is fun to browse around for practical items, such as office supplies, kitchen items, and decor items. 

After placing my items in my car, I went inside the EcoTown store. It was interesting because it was filled with lots of vintage items. All the sudden, as I was browsing, I started hearing the song Beautiful Ghosts from Cats movie inside my head, which made me realize this store was a thrift store. They had cute purses, but I didn’t need any. I also noticed some trendy stuff. I might go back there in the future if I am looking for something I need. 

I then drove across the street to browse inside TJ Maxx, Ross, and Bed Bath & Beyond because they are all fun stores that I enjoy shopping around in, even though I didn’t really need anything right now. But I did spot the Yoga Wheel that I have been wanting for a long time since probably the 90s. So, I decided to get it. How stuff just pop up when you least expect it.

I went home at 6:30 pm. It was an interesting browsing day. 


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  1. I m a big Thrift Store person. I used to work in one but have not found one quite like it since. I am glad you went inside and wandered around to see what they had. I think both calendars sound nice that you got.

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