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Fall is Falling

The leaves are falling from the trees. The temperatures are starting to fall just enough to feel a crispness in the air. One of my favorite times of the year. A change is in the air. It is the middle of October. We should have felt lower temperatures before now but it seems to be a late fall this year. But it is here just the same. I have a favorite fall wreath out to hang on my door. Trying to be festive.

With this change in the weather, comes a change in mood. I try not to let it happen but I always feel a little down at the same time as enjoying the fall air. Makes no sense to most I am sure. But when you lose so many loved ones, any change can bring back all types of memories. Good and bad. This year I have decided to work on my outlook and try to embrace the change. All of my loved ones would want a smile and no tears. So there is enough reason to make it happen. Wish me luck! And… good luck to you as well.

This beautiful tree full of gorgeous fall foliage is enough to make anyone smile! So that is what I will do!


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Written by Carol DM


  1. It’s a beautiful post, Carol. Beautiful wreath, red leaves… wow… By the way, not a tear that is not recommended to drops out (because every time I yawn, my tears must come out) but rather to the sadness that protracted. Hehehe…
    My apology if my words are inappropriate, my dear best friend.

  2. The crown is festive. I like it. To get rid of the thoughts, as yours go out for a long time with the camera. And I for two years lost my mom, dad and sister. To my mother and sister I did not attend funerals. There were no flights the same days. Courage and just ahead.

    • Sorry for your loss. Losing my son, brother, sister, mother, grandmother, and the list goes on and on really makes life a challenge at times. A minute at a time sometimes for me. Here’s hoping we can ll have a better season.