Birthday Girl

My newly turned thirty-one year old daughter had her heart set on Volcano for her birthday. I am not a sushi fan at all. My sister-in-law made it all the time and I just could not stand it. Serving steak was what hooked me! The steak was excellent along with shrimp! She had two different types of sushi rolls and was quite the happy one. I mentioned to the server that it was her birthday, and after the meal the staff came around and sang to her for her birthday.

It wasn’t the big party that we had for her last year, but it was just what she wanted and needed. After dinner, we went to the see The Dark Tower, a Stephen King movie based on the Gunslinger. I am not going to say anything about the movie. I am not a spoiler of good movies.


What do you think?


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  1. my birthday is actually today, on saturday. but i didnt have anything to do. i just went out to eat vegan food, which was good and filling, and then i went window shopping at the mall, which was filled with mall promotions, but i didnt want to shop. i just people watched. it was a boring birthday this year. but i might go see a an animated japanese film tomorrow.

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