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How to upgrade a kitchen without big investments

The kitchen for many of us usually is one of the busiest rooms in the home, so often the furniture quickly wears out – the cabinets are scratched, the tops become blurred, and the walls are rubbed away. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to refresh the kitchen without major repairs.

Depending on your budget, you can do more or less, but even a small redevelopment can completely change the kitchen view. So, if you want old cuisine to look fresh, you can try one or more of these tips.

Paint the walls and cabinets

The easiest way to upgrade the kitchen is to repaint it. Painted walls or cabinets are quite simple and, in fact, there is probably no better way to renew old cabinets than with new coats of paint. Among other things, this is not only cheap but also quick to do.

Change kitchen lighting

Changing the lighting installation in the kitchen can do just wonders. Both the equipment and the ambient lighting in the kitchen are very important, so you should try to match them.

In most old kitchens there is only one ceiling light, but in most cases it does not provide enough light. Normally, there is no room for the extra kitchen or stand-up luminaire, so you can think of installing inlays or a few smaller lamps to allow light to spread throughout the kitchen. If it looks too modern for your kitchen, you can try purchasing a few hanging lights.

Replace the table tops

The tops look like a small detail of kitchen, but in fact they are very important for the overall view of the kitchen, as well as a detail connecting the cabinets and the shelves. Try replacing old table tops with new glass, metal or wooden surfaces.

You can also try something more creative and paint with a paint on which you can write and draw by chalk. This would be a great place to write recipes, purchases, or other reminders.

Replace metal details of the cabinets

The easiest way to upgrade your kitchen is to replace metal cabinets’ details. A wide range of styles, colors and shapes can be purchased. For large and sleek cabinets the simplest handles are most suitable. Also, make sure the cabinets’ handles fit the taps, door handles and hinges. And if you would like something more original, you can try unusual measures as mother-of-pearl, glass or glaze.

Change the surface of cabinets

Replacement of cabinet surfaces is a great alternative to replacing the cabinets. You should remove the top layer of cabinets and drawers and cover with a new layer of plywood. The task is not very simple, so it would be best to hire a master, but the price would still be almost twice lower than buying new cabinets. So if your cabinets are still strong, changing the surface may be a great idea.


If the size of the budget allows you, replace old equipment with new one. It will not only look better, but will also work great. Many new equipment use less power, so you will save some money.

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