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My passion for gardening and with  an aptitude for designing took me far and beyond. I  starting my own business designing and executing landscaped gardens

This was my first project.  I had thousands of square feet to work on  and that set me on to get more orders from other builders and individuals.

Right from the time I was a kid I had interest in gardening and every penny that I got as pocket money was used to buy seeds and flowering plants.

We did not have a big garden but enough to give me space to create my own.I would call it private space and no one had an entry there except a neighbour who was my best friend and she too had interest in gardening.

This interest continued when I left the shores seeking greener pastures and spent about 5 years  with my sister in a city  She had two balconies and thanks to me they were packed with greenery,

When I got married I shifted to a tiny flat that had just a small balcony  There too I would have a few pots and plant roses and tomatoes.  When  we shifted to a bigger flat we were lucky to get a ground floor flat with some attached space which was a luxury for those living in cities. I was permitted to plant there

I gave up my 9 to 5 job to start my landscaped gardens designing and executing business which I gave up when we shifted to this semi rural place where I now live.

This experience came in useful when I designed our  house SOLITAIRE where surely I had plans to have a landscaped garden too.

The garden that I now have has a wild look which has been done on purpose.  With concrete jungles mushrooming everywhere it has become necessary  to have as much greenery as possible

Our garden is a haven for birds specially  for  those displaced from jungles including peacocks. The fruits in our garden welcome birds of all species.

We have a bird bath that is frequently visited by these birds and it is a joy to see them frolic in there

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your passion for gardening.

    I had a passion for books once, which led me to owning and running a second-hand bookshop.

    The only problem with such a passion, is that I miss it now with a real passion too. I wish I could go back to it, but those times might never return now.

  2. I love the story. I have always wanted to be a landscaper. I used to help my boyfriend a long time ago. That’s what he did. I love your outside living spaces as you must know by now. I love the wild look, and thats what I am going for here. Kind of like permaculture, where they all work together. My problem is, is that I never planned my tiny backyard. I started with a few potted plants and two established trees in the yard. All the plants have been given to me or are from cutting, seeds and I even found some behind stores that were dying. I wonder if pro’s look at it and think what in the world was she thinking, but I love it, its like you said my space, my little jungle.

    • Thanks for visiting.

      These days I do not even uproot wild trees that just come up. I have paths all over to walk around and that is the only space that is left that has no greenery (lol)

      Gone are the days where gardens were in straight lines. Not any more. Randomly planting is the order of the day. Go for it. You can have a waterfall or a pond as any landscaped garden must have a waterbody.


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