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The 3 Things You Need To Do To Make Money On The Internet.

Hello, fellow Virily writers, a situation has become abundantly clear to me, namely, that there are many others just like me, who are writing here both for the sheer enjoyment but also because it brings a bit of income as well !!

So, just off the bat, let me alert you to a secret “Internet truth” which is, that It is a lot easier to start a way to start earning some money on the Internet than it is, doing it from a land-based business and here are just a few reasons why.

1. You are selling information, (No storage needed)

2. No stocks needed, (in spite of these silly little urgency buttons used slick salesmen)

An example they use in some or other way shape and form is this one: “grab this widget, I only have 3 left” what a blatantly stupid reason, because, your ebook is a virtual bunch of cyber digits flung together randomly which you can resend a MILLION TIMES OVER if you like.

Finally, what makes them get away with stuff like false urgency and my favorite rant, which is a totally non-scientific,  huge thumb suck conclusion called  “the perceived value of products. A guy finds out that when he throws an orange peel, at an ant colony, they scatter like hell to get away, some drop dead in the process from heart failure! So, not believing what he just saw, he does it a few more times to make sure it works then he starts doing some groundbreaking research, asking the world who knows about citrus peel and ants?

So, convinced NO ONE KNOWS that it works as an ant repellant! Right there, the instant value is created out of thin air. * P.S. This is just an example, I don’t know if orange peels repel ants or not, Google it!

So, why is it that people will fall for stuff like that? I don’t know the answer to that but the rapidly expanding of land-based shark schools are evident everywhere and are alive and well and ready to pounce on the naive.

If you can teach yourself how to navigate between these smoothe, ferocious scoundrels you will discover that there are indeed some real ways to earn cash online but none of them are easy in the sense that you push a few buttons here and a few there and BAM! you’re a millionaire, forget it, it’s not going to happen.

One tip to keep in mind is this, If someone is offering a product for sale he wants to sell it all costs, so if he is running a commission offer is it not reasonable to assume, that he will want to sell as many of his products as possible

? Therefore, when he includes free marketing tools, is it not safe also to assume, that his tools actually do work, often, better than anything else out there?

I am including a webinar by an American friend of mine, a man called Lee Cole who, if you really are serious amount starting a legit home business and are prepared to do the footwork, you will make money off of the internet.


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