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4 Tips for Writing Articles

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1. Make good use of your old articles and rewrite them. Old is gold. Staying on issues of great interest, it is often a good idea to keep these issues current when updating the content or adding second or third series of articles you wrote in the beginning. One interesting thing you can always do is to build these series and then consolidate them into a PDF format so that your readers can read it without stopping.

2. Write articles about stock market. If you write about a company that holds shares in the stock market, it is a good idea to point out the full name of the company and its symbols in your articles. Many times these articles about shares in the share market get added in the financial news section of the company concerned on search engines like Google and yahoo. No doubt, this leads to more readers visiting your blog.

3. Variety makes the world go and it has its own importance in the online world. Creating articles that vary in format, length and topics such as interviews, reviews, news as well as lists or factual content like text, images and video can extend the interest of your readers in your articles. Writing your items in different ways will only make your readers come back instead of feeling bored by the same content day after day.

4. Once you are online and taken up blogging either as a profession or as a hobby, relationship with other bloggers is very important. Maintaining a good relationship with the writers of other blogs is extremely important if you wish to be successful online. It is because it helps distribute what you have written and shared through articles and forums and adds value in addition to visiting your profile and your writing style and your content.


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