7 Hairstyle Tips for 40+ Women

I decided to watch a Youtube video about hairstyles that can make an older woman look older. Then, I combined this video information with my own personal experience with hairstyles over the years in order to explain what actually works for me as well as why. So, for each person, it might be different, mostly because of personality, lifestyle, and personal preference. It is important to look at yourself in the mirror, be honest with yourself to see yourself realistically and accurately, and then decided which hairstyle is best your you.

  1. Very long hair doesn’t look good on older women. (I agree 100%. I think very long hair only looks good on girls in elementary school and junior high, as well as some teenage girls. That is one reason I started to cut my hair in junior high because I felt I needed a teen haircut, and long hair was too childish. Nowadays, I always get a bob style or pixie in my middle-age years). Moreover, I don’t even like the really long hair on Demi Moore because it does age her a lot like she is trying too hard to look younger.
  2. Add layers your hairstyle to create depth and fullness. (I agree with this, too. I do look better when I get my haircut with layers on the sides as well as maybe in the back).
  3. If you are coloring your hair, then pick the right color that looks natural to your own skin tone. (I agree with this 100%, which is why I love using botanical and organic henna because it blends well with my natural chestnut brown shade as it colors the gray. Depending on the shade I use, it either gives me Auburn highlights or rich chestnut brown tone).
  4. Parting hair can age a woman. (I agree with this one, as well, especially parting one’s hair in the middle. I think that only looks good on elementary school girls. I don’t even think it looks good on teenagers unless they are very stylish and they really make it work fashionably. But I do prefer a soft irregular part with soft wavy hair around the face, or maybe bangs).
  5. Go for natural volume, but make sure your hair isn’t too big. Body is one thing, but overdoing it is outdated, which will likely similar to a vintage style that was once cool. The easiest way to create natural volume is brushing your hair while bent over, or put your hair in a high ponytail, spray the crown with hairspray, all around the head lightly, and let it dry for a couple of minutes. Then, undo the ponytail and lightly brush your hair to make it go the way you want it to go). Also, consider using Velcro curlers for a light body wave. Make sure to curl under, spray hair lightly with hairspray, leave it on for like 15 minutes while you change your clothes and do your makeup. Then, take out the curlers and lightly comb or brush for a natural body wave.
  6. I use any shampoo because I think shampoos is mostly for cleaning one’s hair. But some of the body shampoos are good because they do add body and fullness to my hair. I prefer a natural and organic shampoo that doesn’t test on animals.
  7. For me, my middle-age haircuts have been different bobs and pixies. I do look better with layers around the face, soft side parts, and sometimes bangs. I have done different bangs, from baby bangs to long edgy and choppy bangs. And, I have also tried different bob styles for variety.


What do you think?


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          • I will probably trim it from time to time. I was forced to have short hair when I was young and we all had to have our hair parted with a horrible clip on the side. I hated it. One hairdresser even cut all my hair off hated it. Never do that to anyone.
            I was called a boy and hated that too. So when I grew older I choose to grow it long. A woman needs the right to choose to be herself. Not a carbon copy of what some one else wants her to be.
            At 30 I was told to cut off my hair and be conventional . I have never been conservativel and have no intention of being conservative.
            I respect others their choice and their right to choose
            They don’t have to like mine

          • when i was a kid was the only time i was mad when my mother made me get a short haircut because young girls want to keep their hair long forever, claiming they will never cut their hair. but i had to have a short haircut because my mother used to braid my hair a lot and curl it, which created a lot of split ends. so, i had to have short hair to clean it up, and as a kid, i wasnt happy. by high school, i wanted short hair because i needed a change, and i was sick of very long hair. in high school, my hair was mostly short to medium, and sometimes permed or layered.

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