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Wonderful, Cute and Beautiful But a Silent Killer To My Wife

Am really talking about our wonderful pet. Her name is Mildew. She is very lovely. Actually we love her so much. I have written several discussions in mylot about her. My camera does not produce good images so you won’t get her photo now.

Mildew is pausing a healthy danger to my wife. Not that the cute cat knows about it but she does it innocently. She is killing my wife and I am in dilemma what to do with her. Should I terminate her before she terminates my wife? Should I give her away? We love her too much that I do not know what to do.

My wife is astmatic. She is allergic to smoke, cold, smells as of perfumes and dust. Of late we have discovered that cats fur is more dangerous. How these pieces break off the cat and finds themselves in the lungs is a mystery to me. Yet the doctor advised my wife to keep away from the cat.

Mildew will never hear of it. She likes to snuggle herself close to my wife and her fur gets into her breathing system. Her asthma gets worse and she has to be injected with deprofos to quell it. Do you see how this lovely cat is innocently murdering my wife.

What will you do if you were in my shoes? Decide between the pet and your lovely dear wife. You will tell me to advise my wife to steer clear of the cat. Yet the cat finds her.


What do you think?

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  1. Ah, this is sad. Can your wife not find any medication that would help? e.g some kind of anti-histamine, like Clarityn, as someone suggested above. If she takes that every day, hopefully it would greatly reduce her reaction, if not stop it completely. I would try medication, if you haven’t already. It must be tough for your wife though: I get allergies myself, but not all the time, luckily. I am allergic to pollen and dust, and those can really set me off sneezing, eyes watering, etc, but I find if I just take anti-histamine, it sorts if out. Good luck!

  2. Well, I have 3 cats and two kids. My son has allergic reaction/asthma/ to dust mites and sometimes, to cats and dogs. I’ve read about how to deal with this and I think that if your cat loves outside, it will be fine but you also have to brush the cat if it comes into the house. Since my kids grew up with their first cat, there were no adverse reactions. Now, he moved out and when he comes home, he takes a pill ( Claritine) and he can stay without sneezing after an hour. It’s hard to give up on a family member like a pet and I am sure it would be hard for the cat to be moved. It depends very much on how things are going for your wife, first of all. Then, if it’s mandatory, maybe you can help your cat befriend someone who could take her home. It’s never easy…I wish your wife good health and hope things will work out fine.

  3. No way to groom the cat since it is not the cats fur that is the problem, she is allergic to the saliva the cat makes when it cleans itself. I would try to teach him to stay outdoors. At least there are a lot of animals the cat can interact with.

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