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What’s New for Trendy Hair 2018?

Sunday, August 06, 2017

I am considering putting henna in my hair because my gray hairs are starting to show. But, first, I need to decide if I am going to cut my hair short again, or leave it medium length for the summer and just color it with henna.

I went on Youtube to seek interesting videos. I noticed a video about hair trends for 2018. So, what’s trendy for hair in 2018? Here is the checklist:

  1. Medium length hair is outgrown out from a short bob,  and kept wavy and tussled, for a natural and effortless appearance. She states that straight hair is out, and soft waves as well as tussled hair are popular.
  2. Very short hair that is shorter than pixie will also be popular. It is shaved at a side and back, like butch hair. (No, thanks. Although I like pixie hairstyle, and I have done pixie a couple of times already, I don’t like this particular butch look).
  3. As for hair color, unicorn hair appears to be popular, but I think this is too crazy and childish for my age. This kind of reminds me of that toy, My Little Pony, in which came in different colors, including rainbow and pastel. This looks like a teenage hair color.
  4. Tiger Eye hair is warm-color shades of browns.  I need to henna my gray, and tiger eye color will look cool on me, which has the warm shades of browns, reddish brown, and red tones.


What do you think?


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  1. I think you should go with the Tiger Eye as well. I love the wavy hair cuts as well medium length. on the other hand I love seeing the bright colored mermaid hair of the years past, and the oil slick hair, it looks so pretty on younger girls. What I have noticed around here (San Diego) that a lot of older women (50 – 80yrs) are going for the ombre in bright colors with a natural base, then you have the unicorn hair in the ombre blonde tones. I love them both. I have had my tips purple, and blue. I had streaks in my natural brown to frame my face in color as well. I even once did just my side burn area. Take before and after photos!!!

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