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Vegetable have been considered useful for the brain

It is fact that with age, brain cells begin to decrease, and the person loses and causes other diseases. Then, in the case of Alzheimer, Dementia and Parkinson, these diseases cause more disaster, but scientists insist that green leaf vegetables can cope with this loss.

In this case, University of Chicago specialists have done a study called ‘Memorandum and aging Program’. In this series of many years, 960 people were added and their lifestyle and diet were considered. The participants were distributed half cup cups, half cup spinach and other important vegetable leaves.

The study participants were between 58 to 99 years, and this study continued for five years, in which many participants were questioned.

Experts noted that eating green leaf vegetables not only reduced mental and mental disorders, but their mind was reduced from aging for 11 years.

According to experts, folate, lutein are found in these vegetables, which are very important for mental functions such as memory and better understanding. Experts have emphasized that people over 40 years of age increase green leaf vegetables in their diet.

These include spinach, salads, nail and other vegetables. In these vegetables Beta carotene, Kaempferol and alpha tocopherol protect brain and remove distressing mental disorders in the growth rate.


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  1. It isn’t just green veggies, either. For example, both tomatoes and carrots are high in beta-carotene. I’m of the opinion that a big part of the problem is that so many people purposely eat unbalanced diets and don’t eat foods from all food groups.

  2. Such important information here! I try to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables daily. Good to know how it could help the aging process slow down.