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Sage (Salvia officinalis) – a versatile medicine

Today, I was back in the garden again. Autumn is really here, this is also evident in my garden where there are few crops left. There is also a winter salad and herbs in the garden. Among the herbs is a sage. I have a lot of sage because it has multiplied very much. I decided to pick it up a little until it was completely destroyed by cold. I’ll have another tea herb. This winter, I’ll drink home-made tea for winter.

Sage is known as a versatile herb and is found in many home gardens. Especially known as herb, whose leaves are used in the treatment of throat and mucous membranes. In addition to treating the oral cavity and throat, the sage acts as a diuretic, heals wounds and stops bleeding, helps against rheumatism and headache. Sage tea calms nerves and is good for digestion.

Sage is more a year (perennial), so we can have it in the garden for several decades. We sow seedlings with seeds or by dividing old shrubs.

For medicinal purposes, sage leaves are mainly used. The leaves of the sage contain essential oils, charms and bitterness, and flavonoids, which mainly act antibacterial, antiviral, and at the same time promote digestion and reduce sweating.

Sage can also be used for culinary purposes – like spice of roast, meat sauce and filling.


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