Reduction of food will not reduce obesity

People with obesity want to do everything, which can reduce their obesity. But most of it has been seen that instead of doing difficult things like exercise or running, fat people prefer to try easy things like home remedies. Some people think that the reason for their obesity is their food.

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That’s why they reduce their daily food. But it is absolutely wrong thinking that they can reduce obesity by this way. Because there are many reasons behind the weight gain. Noise is one of the reasons for obesity, where we do not care about it. According to the world health organization report, noise is very dangerous to human health.

Like environmental pollution, noise also affects negatively on a human body. Due to this People are affected by insomnia as well as stroke and heart diseases. The human body is always habitual to respond in the form of sound. Whenever noise occurs, an organic chemical dopamine comes from the human body. After that two more organic chemicals come from the human body, which gives power to the human body to fight against dopamine.

According to psychologist Dr. Narayan, when noise remains longer the organic chemical Cortisol comes from human body, which affects the human body.

At the end, we all should not try to reduce food for the purpose of weight loss.


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Written by Danish Ali Memon

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