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Use a Healthy diet plan to get fit in no time

You are thinking of reducing your weight and someone tells you that medicines will help you to become slim. Just wait and look at that medicines will affect your body and will make you shapeless after some time so don’t do experiments on yourself just consult a doctor. A nutritionist is the one who can guide you well regarding your diet plan and can stop your body by controlling your diet in a beneficial way. Then why are you not consulting a nutritionist?  You can join gym also for this fact.

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Follow a diet plan that is useful and make it permanent in your life. Short-term dieting has not shown to produce either lifetime weight loss or better health, and may even be prolific. Just spending small time on a diet plan, become fed up of that and start eating the previous diet again will make your body irregular. Once you start the diet you must be on the ideal weight that varies from age to age. Use staircase instead of elevators. You must eat slowly and intake small quantity while eating. Avoid drinking water at the end as it increases your abdomen.

Healthier planning

Make your food green. By green I mean use Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Lettuce, Cucumber, cabbage and etc. you can load your plate with all of this stuff as it will not cause any detriment. All these advises will be provided to you by Intake water as much as you can. You can eat chicken and meat but it should be boiled. You should avoid fats and fried things. Take a break of 1 day after 20 days but in that break, you should eat only boiled rice in the night. Take fruits in larger quantities but avoid grapes. You should not intake potatoes as they contain fats in large quantities. You must lift weights 3 times a week but in starting the weight you lift should be less and slowly move to heaviest one. The other four days you must do jogging or run for 20 minutes.


You must feel a decrement of 8-10 kg of weight in the first twenty days. After this, you can start taking brown bread with vegetables but after this, you will notice that weight will decrease slowly as your body has now started to receive little fats. It’s necessary as if you will just follow that plan your large intestine will shrink and you will become weak internally.


Being an asthmatic patient your weight should be ideal as asthma can be caused due to increase in your weight according to your age. Want to participate in sports activities then become slip. After becoming smart you can carry out any type of fashion as many things don’t suit on fatty people. After a proper diet plan reaching an ideal weight, your weight will not increase that much. It can increase but it will come at its place by its own. It also reduces your blood pressure. Also, reduce your stress and improve your mood.

Once you govern your mind you can surmount your physique.


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Written by Keisha Laine


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  1. I try to do as much walking as I can. I walk to one of my jobs, as a music teacher. I think that it is important not only what you eat, but at what time of day you eat. If you eat late at night, then your body doesn’t have enough time to process the food before you go to bed. Also drinking water or other liquids at night might make you have to get up to eliminate the water. This is not mentioned in many diets and I think that it is important to think about.


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