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Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

You’ve probably heard the term, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Would it surprise you to learn that this idiom is actually true?

A number of studies have been done regarding the physiological reactions to laughter. That is, medical science has studied what changes, if any, occur in the body when someone laughs. The results of the studies have been what a lot of people might find astonishing.

Laughing is good for the heart

Some studies have shown that laughter stimulates the heart in a good way. For instance, the Mayo Clinic has found that laughter initially increases the blood pressure and heart rate, while also relaxing the blood vessels, allowing them to expand.

The result is increased blood circulation and an overall drop in blood pressure.

Since laughter also increases the respiration and causes deeper respiration, the amount of oxygen in the blood also increases. This means that with the elevated blood circulation, the cells of the body get a boost of oxygen.

In fact, if you laugh frequently, your chances of having a heart attack or stroke drop.

Better immune system response

An increase in oxygen also means that the immune system is strengthened. The body becomes better at fighting off infections of all sorts. Imagine, laughter can help people with colds and flu to become well faster!

Laughter also causes the body to more effectively remove free radicals, which are implicated in causing cancer. Additionally, laughing makes antioxidants that are in the system work better.


There is some excellent indication that people who don’t laugh very much are far more prone to get diabetes than those who do. This means that laughter can help prevent or fight diabetes!

Psychological benefits

Laughter also causes the brain to release endorphins and it elevates dopamine levels.

Endorphins help to directly relax the body, while also easing pain. That’s right; laughter acts as a powerful analgesic!

Dopamine is the “feel good” neurotransmitter that also has a great deal to do with the proper function of the nerves and motor functions. An increase in dopamine levels generally results in a feeling of euphoria. This means that it also directly fights depression.

The combination of the increased endorphin and dopamine levels even increase digestion, liver function, and kidney function.

Lasting effects

What is more, the positive effects of laughter linger long after you stop laughing. Still, for the best health benefits, a person should endeavor to laugh several times every day.

It is hard to find any system in the body that isn’t positively impacted when we laugh. Preventing heart attack and stroke, increasing liver function, nerve function, kidney function, the immune system, digestion, relieving pain, and fighting cancer is only some of the things that laughter has been proven to help us with.

We should all make a serious effort to laugh more often. Laughter really is good for your health.


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Written by Rex Trulove


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    • Unfortunately, it can be a defense mechanism and it can be the only thing that keeps the person going. If anything stops that defense mechanism from working, even for a little while, the results are often terrible. Robin Williams is a great example. The laughter can help even then, but only if the person is truthful with themselves so they can learn to rely on more than just laughter.

    • Absolutely. Even if you force a laugh, your subconscious doesn’t know the difference and will cause the brain to start releasing dopamine. People were undoubtedly designed to be happy and cheerful. Laughter is a powerful tool.

    • Indeed it does, Martha. I also love to laugh. Back when I was a senior technician in a call center, more than once I was asked how I could have a high success rate when so many of the people calling in were angry and belligerent. There was really no secret. I did what I could to get them to laugh. Once I did, it was invariably easy to fix their problem, because they turned from being angry to being helpful.

  1. A medicine for everybody? Often when we see people looking downhearted or not feeling well, what’s our first instinct to help them? We try to cheer them up. We try to make them laugh. When it comes to convincing me about laughter you’re preaching to the choir. Laughter is proof that God exists. Who else would have thought to put such a wonderful feeling inside of us ALL? It’s in everybody. Nobody got left out. Doesn’t matter if you’re handicapped, what you believe, where you live, etc. We don’t even need to be taught how to laugh.

    • That can be taken a step farther. We were not only given the right emotions, our bodies were actually created in a way that they respond well, physically, to laughter and kindness. Yes, that is proof of God because by evolution and chance, we wouldn’t have had the substances in our bodies that are predisposed to us being happy, laughing, being kind, and so forth. That would serve no purpose in evolution.

    • Yes, this is very real. One researcher, as the story goes and it was reputed to be true, had to have cancer surgery. He’d done a lot of research about the healing power of laughter, so he started watching movies that he knew would make him laugh…hours of movies. After a few weeks, he went in to have the last checkup and tests before surgery. He no longer had cancer.

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