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How to save children from mental stress during the examination days?

If your child is not sleeping properly,  he/she does not feel hungry or her thinking goes wrong, So all of these symptoms mean that they are under pressure of examination and due to this, the risk of depression increases also in children.

Headache and stomach pain are also one of the symptoms of stress pressure. If you have all these symptoms in your child’s examinations days, So talk to your child immediately and give him/her confidence that his preparation is best and his thinking is not negative any more.

Similarly, if your child losing weight, fatigue, hunger in the days of examination, and if found in such a situation, you do not need to worry but find solution to your children problem.

Let us tell you the solution to the symptoms mentioned in this article :

Children’s Diet :-

During reading, children do not care about what they have to eat and drink. and Parents should take care of their children’s diet which includes vegetables, fruits and more water. The use of burgers, tea, coffee and fried items can make your baby slow, clutter and moody.

Full Sleep:

It is very important to take full night sleep for healthy life, reading all night in the exam days causes damage. Parents need to be sure that their child should sleep for six to seven hours in the night. Taking full sleep causes children to think about their ability.

Physically active:

Being physically active is a sign of healthiness, If you want your child to get the examination properly, it is very important to fit physically for him. Your child will never feel depression or stress if there is a game that involves running race, swimming etc, but also in the examination will perform better.

Positive Thinking:

Assure your children that they will show good performance in the examination and do not pressure him that you are competing with this child of your class and you have to take a position. Make your children always think positive so that they can gain confidence.

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