The First Time Can Never Forget

Some of us are so sentimental for having the first in our lives. It can never forget to have new things and treasured them all throughout existence. For a newborn to have all the new things can bring back the old memories. They might not see how crazy the parents of giving new things are documented through photos or videos. It is a definite keepsake and be seen the child as they grow older.

For our little niece, my sister started to give her a sweet cake for the first day of every month. Her birthdate is on the first of July 2011. The family tradition of giving her a cake started in the following month and continued until she had her first-year existence in this world. These are taken in photos for the little niece knows how she was loved by her parents and the family members.

At present, she is 6 years old and continues to have sweet cake every first day of the month. It has been a tradition to rekindle when she was born. Time flies so fast and she is about to enter primary school. She just graduated from a Daycare school with honors. The family pampered her with love and continued to support her. She will always be the baby in the family.

In time, she would be able to understand the deepest gratitude of the family for having her. We also felt so blessed that she is a grown-up girl with full of love. All the first time for her was tried to provide. As they said, a family can sacrifice things to give all the best for their child. It is what she experiencing right now. All the new things are still available and waiting for the kid to experience. This is what we need to know by taking the responsibility seriously as a good parent for the child.


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Written by Steven Gamboa