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Health Update – October 2017

A few weeks ago I had my blood drawn for the yearly health fair.  They checked the lipid blood panels, A1c, and vitamin D.  My numbers (except for the A1c) have improved in the last year.  Some numbers (like cholesterol, and LDL) were still in high ranges, but they have improved. My A1c was 8.7, not my highest number as a diabetic, but I still need to improve.

A few months back I posted that for health reasons I would be starting a low carb/ketogenic diet. Life happens, however, and I didn’t stick to it consistently.

I know that the way of eating works though. I have proof with my blood sugars.  They go from consistently above 200 to 70-140’s.

My trouble is sticking to the low carb lifestyle. I have poor self control, which I need to work on.  I also don’t really like eating mostly just protein and fat. It makes me feel nauseous and not hungry, but I know I still need to eat.  –If anyone has tips on that, feel free to share those–

My plan is to eat low carb 6 days a week, and have 1 high carb day.  If my A1c doesn’t improve enough, I’ll cut back on the “cheat” days.

Maybe I need to post a weekly update here to try to keep myself accountable. What do you all think?


What do you think?

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