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Health Journey Week 1 Journal

I started back on low carb/Ketogenic way of eating Monday.  This first five days have gone really well!  I will post every Friday about how the diet is going.  So, next post will include 7 days instead of just five.

In the first five days I have lost 9 pounds, most of which are water weight I am sure.  Fat loss is what I am actually looking for, and that will start once I am fat adapted (using fat as fuel instead of sugar).

My blood sugars have improved tremendously.  I have done this before and I couldn’t get my fasting numbers very low…this time they are in a good range.  I will include the numbers below.  I am sharing the numbers to keep track myself and if nothing else to help others.

Jan 1st, 2018 – Day 1


First number is my fasting blood sugar. After meal 1 my number was higher, but then the numbers  went down the rest of the day.

72 Protein, 104 Fat, 8 Carbs, 4 Fiber (4 net carbs) -75% Fat/ 3% Carbs

Jan 2nd, 2018 -Day 2

191, 175, 66, 116, 81

High fasting number, but an improvement. My number after meal 1 is still high, but better. Numbers the rest of the day were great.

89 Protein, 97 Fat, 15 Carbs, 3 Fiber (12 net carbs) -68%Fat/ 5% Carbs

Jan 3rd, 2018 – Day 3

152, 85, 76

Day 3 was an even better day. My fasting number was still improving from what it is on high carb eating.

62 Protein, 87 fat, 12 carbs, 1 fiber (11 net carbs) -72% fat/ 5% carbs

Jan 4th, 2018 – Day 4

102, 102, 88, 76

On this day I had all good numbers, including the fasting blood sugar. Before when I did low carb I was not able to get my numbers this good.

104 protein, 89 fat, 12 carbs, 2 fiber (10 net carbs) -63% fat/ 4% carbs

Jan 5th,2018 – Day 5

76, 90,82, 102, 62

My fasting number at  4 AM was great!  Even 7 hours later it was pretty good before I ate anything.  I had a higher carb meal (15 carbs) and it shot up 20 points, but it is still in good range.

64 Protein,75 fat, 22 carbs, 3 fiber (19 net carbs) 66% fat/ 9% carbs

Any other numbers I should share? I could share my work out stats once I start working out – but I haven’t yet.

When I get my a1c checked again I will share it and compare with my last one.

What do you think of my health journey so far?

I will see you next Friday for my next update!

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