Health Journey – Week 4 (January 20th- January 26th)

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Hello everybody,

It’s been another week that I have been on this WOE (way of eating). I say that because I have to eat this way the rest of my life to keep my blood sugars under control.

This week includes January 20th through January 26th.

I am up 1 pound since the last weigh in, but I think it is because of the cheat day.  It is proving to me that cheat days are not worth it. After I am able to go to my favorite fish restaurant, I am going to cut back on the cheat days (I had 4 in January).  I am still down 10.6 pounds from where I started on January 1st.  Hoping by the last day of the month I can at least lose the pound I gained from the cheat day.

In other news, I did find out my a1c finally.  On January 9th it was 8.3 (down from 8.7 in September). That is still an average of around 215 which is way too high. I know my next test in April will be greatly improved.

Now…on to my numbers. (First number is the fasting blood sugar)

January 20th –

This was my cheat day….my numbers only spike on cheat day and a little the next day.

137, 259

January 21st –

183, 178, 164, 105

(37 protein, 50 fat, 14 carbs, 1 fiber)

January 22nd –

152, 111, 81,

(64 protein, 101 fat, 21 carbs, 4 fiber)

January 23rd –

127, 148, 105, 97

(71 protein, 111 fat, 28 carbs, 5 fiber)

January 24th –

123, 107, 87, 102

(60 protein, 126 fat, 18 carbs, 4 fiber)

January 25th –

99, 99, 79, 76

(58 protein, 121 fat, 12 carbs)

January 26th –

115, 123, 70

(51 protein, 113 fat, 11 carbs, 1 fiber)

According to my app that I have been using to record my sugars since January 1st,  my averages are…

The last week: 120

The last month: 117 (If my 3 month average was this my a1c would be 5.7%)

How do you all think I am doing? I try to eat around 1,350 calories….when I start working out I might up the calories a little.

Do any of you follow a low carb diet?  It does not have to be a ketogenic diet necessarily, but how about just low carb?

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What do you think?


  1. I never get on a scale because my doctor says it is counter productive. I eat very few carbs. If I do I try and choose complex carbs. I used to love pork chops cooked in batter. Now I love pork chops cooked with walnuts or crushed pecans as the batter. I use my air fryer a lot. We have had a lot of fun finding new ways to make the things we love.

    • Well it may not be the best to always get on the scale, but everybody has their own preference. For now I get on quite a bit.

      That’s a good way to cook them now…I sometimes use ground almonds as my batter….bet it’s great in the air fryer….just can’t afford one at the time being. It’s good that you have fun finding new ways to make the things you enjoy…I do too.