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Health Journey Week # 2

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It’s Friday so I am back to share an update on my health journey.  It is January 12th, 2018 and I am wrapping up another week.

This week I am sad to say I gained 2 pounds back, but I am still down 7 pounds from where I started on the first of January.

I had a few cheat days during this week is why my weight is up.  I am seeing that cheat days are not really practical for my heath, but they help me get through a certain amount of time on the diet. Next month I may cut down to only 2 cheat days, then the next month go down to 1.

I feel so much better when my blood sugars are in normal ranges, but when I have a cheat day I feel so bad.

I still have not started really working out.  I think I did work out one day after having a cheat meal, but otherwise I have not worked out.  Sometime I will get back into that too though.

Anyways, on to my numbers….

January 6th, – Day 6

Fasting blood sugar: 149, 188, 201, 169

This was my first cheat day since starting back on the diet.  I should have waited before having a cheat day.

January 7th – Day 7

Fasting Blood sugar:187,  139

I was going to get back on track, but ended up having another cheat day after being not prepared to eat low carb while out of town.

January 8th, – Day 8

Fasting blood sugar: -209, 116,95, 88

This day I got back on track so my numbers were great besides my fasting number.

88 protein, 93 fat, 6 net carbs (8 carbs minus 2 fiber)

January 9th, – Day 9

Fasting blood sugar: 143, 162, 96, 107, 73

68 protein, 92 fat, 9 net carbs (11 carbs minus 2 fiber)

January 10th  – Day 10

Fasting blood sugar; 112,128, 78, 61

78 protein, 106 fat, 11 net carbs (14 carbs minus 3 fiber)

January 11th – Day 11

Fasting blood sugar: 115

This was a cheat day so I didn’t really check my numbers because I knew they would be high.  I was also out shopping all day.

January 12th – Day 12

Fasting: 229, 96, 118, 97

75 protein, 93 fat, 15 net carbs (26 carbs minus 11 fiber)

I saw the doctor on the 9th ofJanuary, and he was pleased that I got back on the ketogenic/low carb diet.  He checked an a1c and some other labs.  I am waiting to get a code so I can get online and check my results through the patient portal.   Hopefully by my next update I will know my current a1c.  My last test in September was 8.7% – I was doing keto some of the time but not 100% of the time.  Back in 2015 I was at an 11.8, almost as bad as when I was diagnosed back in 2010.

I know my a1c in April when I get it rechecked will be a lot better, hoping under 7%.  That’s my first goal, then it’s to get it under 6%.

If you want to check it out, below you can check out my first week’s information & talk to you all in the next update!

Week 1 

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  1. As you say about diets, they are different for everyone. And one has to find one. The following is true for me: “Breakfast eat alone, lunch with a friend, dinner with the enemy.” In the morning, I eat normally. For lunch there is always a salad. And for dinner just salad and dessert – yogurt or gelatin.

    • Yes, they definitely are…I’d recommend this diet for many but I know it’s not for all. That’s a good way to look at eating….sounds like a nice meal plan you have.

  2. This diet wouldn’t work for me. If I don’t consume plenty of carbs, I lose too much weight, too fast. At one point a few years ago, I was down to 150 pounds. That isn’t good because I’m 6 foot 3 1/2 inches tall with a large bone structure. I was eating a balanced diet (truly balanced with 40% of calories from carbs, 30% from protein, 30% from fat) and all I did to get back to a healthier weight (165 pound, the same amount I weighed when I was 14) was to increase my carb intake, though it took me over a year to put the 15 pounds on.

    • Wow…that is light for your height! Well that just shows that not every diet works for everybody….but this diet has been the only one to work for me…well at least cutting back on carbs…
      Even with meds my sugars are still high on the diabetic recommendation of carbs (45 or so per meal). Under 20 carbs a day and I usually have great numbers.
      I wish I didn’t have to eat this way, but for me carbs are the enemy!
      Thanks for sharing about your story!

      • Most Americans eat far too many carbs for the amount of protein that they eat. That has a lot to do with so many people in this country being overweight. I imagine that the same is true in most industrialized nations. For me, I just need more because of a high metabolism. That will probably change since I can’t get around as well as I did 20-30 years ago. LOL

        • Also carbs + fat aren’t a good combo. But I agree that most americans do that…I used to be one of them.
          I understand….I wish I had a high metabolism…but I’ve messed mine up over the years.
          Well that happens when we age, lol!