Coffee – Nectar Of The Gods Or Poison?

Just when you thought you heard all there is to say about coffee, this debate pitches up. Now, I know that the teetotalers would like to bash the pro-coffee drinkers and who can say they would be wrong in their thinking? Just for the record, I drink a lot of coffee every day and as luck would have it, I also drink several glasses of water and at least 1 cup of tea a day.

I think, that when I was doing the research for the video, I actually drank even more than the usual quota and I seemed to be experiencing some weird kind of withdrawal symptoms, which soon disappeared afterwards. Anyhow, let me get on with the video, as I’m sure you are bound to find some coffee facts you never new, for instance, a certain popular kind of coffee contains acrylamide which can definitely kill you!

Watch the video to see what brand it is.


What do you think?


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  1. I think we’ve established pretty well that I drink a lot of coffee. When I first started drinking coffee, I remember people saying that it would stunt my growth if I drank too much. Apparently, I didn’t drink too much, since I’m six feet three and a half inches tall.

    People can be so negative, though. It is true that too much acrylamide can kill you. Cyanide can also kill you, but people rarely say much about eating peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, pears, apples, or other stone-fruits, all of which contain cyanogenic glycosides which the body converts into cyanide. Then there is salt. A few tablespoonsful of salt can kill a person. Yet, not enough salt can also kill a person.

  2. I don’t know what we have here in the Philippines, but what I heard from my boss before who considered himself as coffee magnate, is robusta which hre raised in his plantation.

    What is common to the market is arabica. There are so many plantation of such coffee in the mountain and it is highly caffeinated. I don’t know it’s true.

    • Hello Nocturnal Thinker If my memory serves me right, there are over 300 coffee varieties, all of them are as safe as the Robusta and Arabica to drink but for some surprising reason, the whole world wants Arabica. I’ don’t know if Arabica has more caffeine than Robusta, perhaps one of the readers can help but what I do know, is that surprisingly, medium roasted coffee beans have more caffeine. Thank you for commenting.


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