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ALTHOUGH,COFFEE GIVES YOU ENERGY, All It's Doing, Is Ruining Your Baseline!!

In this brand new study, since the outbreak of COVID 19, experts have concluded, following: “Appropriately controlled studies, show that the effects of caffeine on our performance and mood, previously, widely perceived to be a net beneficial psychostimulant, its effects are almost wholly because of the reversal of adverse withdrawal symptoms associated with brief periods of abstinence from the drug.” In people who take caffeine daily, there is NO energy or performance benefit to caffeine use, since all its doing is ruining your baseline energy when the caffeine is not in your body. 

Therefore, when you consume it, it reverses the negative effects it caused in the first place and takes you back up to what used to be your NORMAL level of function. Therefore, people who drink multiple cups of coffee each day wake up groggy, fatigued, foggy-headed, and can’t function until they get caffeine in their body, (this is literally so)

Note: If you’re skeptical of this, or just interested in exploring the research on this more deeply, I have an in-depth article with lots of research below this post. Daily caffeine consumption worsens our energy and then makes us dependent on having caffeine in our systems just to function normally. I.e. we have a drug dependence–our brain requires caffeine to function at what used to be its NORMAL level of function. So let me show you this visually… 


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    • I wrote the piece and I know it to be quite true, as you know, I practically live on the beverage, but I’m NOT addicted (lol). Now if we were to discuss a historic coffee addict of note, Ludwig Van Beethoven, would sure top my list. He took his coffee with exactly 60 beans per cup, should a barista, miss calculate by one bean, either way, he, according to legend, could tell immediately. The notoriously temperamental Beethoven and famed composer was obsessive about his coffee and would count the coffee beans out, by hand 60 beans per cup, according to his biographer.

      • My first co-teacher when I was teaching school used to clutch her coffee cup in her hands as she greeted her student’s in the morning.
        I asked, why to hold that cup so tight.
        She said, “because when the warmth is gone, civilization is gone until Music!”

    • Hello!!! I’m so very happy to hear from you, Florel. I hope all is well with you. I’m drinking cold-brewed coffee for the past few days. It’s an acquired taste I can assure you but apparently it’s healthier. Regards, Andre’

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