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Little Things Really Are Big ~ The Little Things #1

Decided to start a series about The Little Things. I have always talked about little things in life. Recently I began reading about various topics. Amazing the little things many of us are missing in life every day. 

As time zooms by, the little things become the big things in my life.

Thought I would share some of these findings with you.

Drinking my first cup of coffee in the morning is truly a little thing that has evolved into almost a spiritual experience of great importance in my daily life. For non-coffee drinkers, this might sound ridiculous, but for those of us who look forward to that first sip of dark richness and who depend on the depth of flavor to awaken us fully, then this drink and this act are immediately identifiable. 

Such an experience extends to going for coffee with a friend or by myself (with a good book). Just walking into a coffeehouse, taken in the aroma as I walk through the door, enables me to recollect memories of my childhood kitchen and my father sipping his own full mug. A little indulgence like coffee just completes me.

I have always appreciated my days and the people with whom I share my time, but as the years go by, what I appreciate even more are the simple pleasures, the little things- that add such meaning to my daily life.

Sharing a photo of one of my favorite coffee mugs, Eeyore of course.

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. the little things, what a great idea.

    Love the Eyore mug!

    There is so much to stop, to see to remember and be thankful for. But you are right, the importance of the little things is critical.

    Yesterday while we were walking I saw a butterfly that was near the small bunch of flowers in the greenway. I stopped. I didn’t think about that until just now. That little thing, that butterfly was enough to make me stop and consider

    What a wonderful world!

  2. You know I have been thinking things over lately and it seems all I ever do is write on my PC and the best times I have are online. So if God willing I can land some good writing jobs and times get better for me I will start doing things that will lift my mood like perhaps taking myself out at least one day a week and having lunch somewhere.


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