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Sundays at lockdown of the country

Sunday morning sneaked up in easy steps and lied down next to me murmuring quietly. No haste, just calm waiting and knowing: it will dawn soon!

I adore Sundays – the thought came to mind and I slowly opened my eyes. A Day Gift When You Can Just Be! Even if there is still lockdown, weekends are slightly different in our home. I always bake pancakes for us four (kids still live in our home). We sit for long on our terrace if the weather allows us, and with cups of coffee in our hands, we start our long conversations full of smiles and laughs. Then we prepare our lunch together and follow another Sundays’ rule – to bake a cake. After lunch, we usually have a long walk to the sea thought the woods. For the dinner – barbeque with a bottle of wine. 

At the lockdown, there are not many activities we can do. It is not easy to be closed between walls for a long time, and I am happy as never living in own home. 

Still, this is a day when you can just lie down, caress, hug, and easily sip and sip the day tasting its flavor. The circle of life does not stop spinning – when we do not stop it and devote ourselves. How much can one person! And how many times more can two acting together. We are here for each other – and for the world.

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