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How To Do Basic Reflexology To Heal Yourself

If you don’t have the time or money, for a full body massage, why don’t you wise up on some hand reflexology? You can treat yourself to a healing, relaxing hand massage that can be done practically anywhere – on your couch or at your desk.

Hand reflexology is an ancient holistic practice from Egypt, East Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. Reflexology treatment involves massaging pressure points on your hands that link to different parts of your body. Practitioners say that it works by inducing relaxation in the body parts stimulated.

Some studies, using EEG’s (tests measuring electrical activity of the brain) have shown that reflexology can produce similar effects in the brain to those you see in someone meditating.

5 Quick Healing Tips:

1. Back pain: The areas relating to your spine run down the side of your hand on the side where the thumb is, so massage this whole area.

2. Constipation: The zones that link to your colon and intestines, sit at the base of your palms. Massage these areas using a firm, clock-wise movement.

3. Headaches: Gently massage your fingertips and the pads of your thumbs – these areas relate to your head.

4. Shoulder Pain: Massage the area on top of your hand just above your knuckles, the side of your pinkie finger, at the place where it joins your hand and the area on your palm directly beneath it.

5. Sinuses: Try slowly massaging the lengths of each finger, working your way up to the tip.


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    • I also write about what works for me, as this form of Reflexology works for my wife and I as well as for our children, thank you LaJenna for your valuable input on this post. Someone who is in pain may be skeptical about this treatment but with your comment, as do Pam Moresby and Brenda Maries’ below.