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Tips and steps for the kitchen makeover

Kitchen is an important place where family spends a lot of their time. This can be both a cooking and a attracting center of party. As a result, it constantly needs change. How to do this, how to get started?

Major kitchen renewal projects usually range from the absolute elimination of the existing kitchen and the rebuilding of the main components to the installation of new closets, worktops and kitchen utensils.

Small kitchen renewal projects range from repainting existing cabinets and changing worktops and kitchen appliances to simple improvements such as repainting walls and ceilings and introducing several decorative elements.

No matter how big your project is, you must always remember the basic design principles when planning a repair. While most do not see the difference between interior design and interior decoration, simply decorating is the design branch. The basic principle is very simple: the form follows the function.

The function is how the available space will be used, and the forma is the physical appearance of the space available (decorating) that supports the function. Start from the question how you use the kitchen. Since the kitchen is usually at the center of the family’s life, think about involving the interested homeowners in the planning process.

Are you a gourmet dishes maker who needs a high level of cooking appliances such as food processors, electric grill, deep frying pans, bread bakery and juicer? Are you constantly buying new gadgets? How often do you have fun and how many people are coming? Is your kitchen used exclusively for cooking, cooking and serving, is there a larger room – a combination of cooking, eating and time-sharing spaces?

Once you have your original design plan, you will be ready to start the appearance of your chosen kitchen model. Think of the choice of countertops. One cook wants a table top, which can be used to put the pot just from the stove without any fear of damage. For simple cook it may not matter at all.

Most gourmet cooking makers use the power of different tools, so they would like to be easily accessible. Decorative hooks, pottery shelves are usually included in the decoration plan. Perhaps ordinary cooks will not be so fond of how the layout of kitchen tools will be – they will rather choose large drawer drawers for things.

Where and how you want to install the work triangle, as well as what U-shaped, L-shaped type cuisine is the most appropriate for you. The work triangle consists of three points: a refrigerator in which you hold food, a sink in which you wash and prepare food and a stove, on which or in which you are preparing food.

The color at home should tell something about your family. If you are calm, respect your traditions, bright and bold colors are not really for you. If you like cold colors, keep the color scheme, even in the kitchen. Do not be scared by choosing colors to express yourself. Here’s the last brief tip for those who are going to paint themselves to save some money. You will save time by painting walls, ceilings, and other open areas before laying cabinets.


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