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Beauty Secrets Learned from my Grandmother

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS. Please, wash your hands often. Use hand sanitizer. My grandmother is a nurse so she’s constantly cleaning her hands and she says it’s a major secret to clear skin
  2. Dove bar soap. My grandmother has a million different hair products from moisturizing to voluminous to repairing. But her body soap? Dove bar soap. Either unscented or rose scented. It’s better than any of those “shower gels”. I thought she was crazy and that I wouldn’t use the bar soaps she gave me whenever I moved out of state but it truly is the best for your skin. Especially sensitive skin. Girl get you some real soap. Please.
  3. Anti aging skincare. My grandmother gets mistaken for my mother sometimes. And this is not a plastic surgery type situation. No, none of that. She specifically uses mostly Estée Lauder skincare, and some Clinique. Which I’ve taken to using as well and preventative skincare is very important.
  4. Moisturize your skin! Use in shower moisturizer and regular lotion. Moisturize everything from your face to the cuticles on your toes.
  5. Regular pedicure and manicure maintenance. I know not everyone can afford regular trips to the nail salon. But even just doing it on your own at home is good! Summer or winter, your feet should not be crusty. If I’m not mistaken, she goes every two weeks to get them done.
  6. Put your skincare on correctly. My grandmother is very meticulous about how she applies skincare products. If you have a spot treatment, put that on and let it dry. Then rub your moisturizer in and let that set. Then PRESS your serums/oils into your skin, not rub, press. I also learned this from an older woman working in the skincare section of Sephora.


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Written by Fareeda Khan


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  1. yeah, I learned a lot of beauty tips from my late grandmother too. She loved Estee Lauder skincare, and she claimed it was the best she ever used because she has dry and sensitive skin. She also liked to moisturize with Oil of Olay cream. She had her own skincare routine, every night, and she always protected her face when she was out. my grandmother also taught me about natural DIY methods, such as using salt as toothpaste, rose water for meditation, and other stuff.

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