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This is not real but paper sketch !

Many people in the world own such ability to make things closer to reality by painting or sketching anything they see and many people also succeed in this endeavor and amaze people with their outstanding ability.

In the same way, a young Japanese artist Kohi-Ohmori, Japan, demonstrates his extraordinary ability with a pencil on paper to create a sketch of anything that stunts anyone who watches it.

This Japanese artists produce 3D design of any metal, metallic objects (including wrist Watch, soft drinks cans, etc.) with sketch pencil. The 25 year old artist spends hundreds of hours perfecting one of his sketches, after that, the hand-made sketch looks like a picture of the original.

Mr Kohi  first became known worldwide in 2017 by making a photo of a soft drink cane, which went viral on Twitter. Everyone in the world appreciates his patience and ability as it takes him hundreds of hours to complete a single sketch.

The Japanese artist made a nut-bolt sketch, looking at it, one cannot be sure that it is made of pencil Mr Kohi brother said, It took him 280 hours to complete the sketch.

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