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Mecha Pilot – WIP

The other day it struck me that mecha and pilot fanservice is the otaku version of supermodel with sportscar. Ah well, I suppose we all have our kinks. At any rate, here is a first pass at this; decided to go in a low tech direction. Something we could probably manage at our current level

I think the real bottleneck is the power source.

#1 alternate version

this was my first test, and I wasn't too thrilled with it so I went in another direction

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#2 mecha study

Just working out the look and feel of her mecha, which is largely unseen in any of the test renders I've been doing...

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#3 work in progress

Here is a straight on view but I am going to try a wormseye view next, tanoshimi ni shite kudasai...

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#4 rough sketch

Just doodling her mech in my algebra notebook. Ballpoint on graph paper is a good look for this one, no?

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What do you think?

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