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the Return of Sketchapalooza

Because you demanded it, sketchapalooza has returned… I have a nice mix of studies for you this month, on varied subjects and in various states of completion. I hope you enjoy the Return of Sketchapalooza (as foretold by gyromancy!)

#1 Dali sketch

I am a huge fan of Salvador Dali. This sketch was done after my favorite photo of him and his impressive mustache, what is the deal with that thing? Was he meant to be a catfish reincarnated?

At any rate, he is one of the few modern artist who is worth the title and was a big inspiration to me when I was younger

#2 magi sketch

Here is a study for a hot elf magus; hopefully you don't like her staff either because I've already clobbered it

#3 firefly sketch

She's an experiment in pyrokinetic technology. Uncertain if the suit is amplifying or containing her ability, or even if the suit is entirely responsible for her power

#4 hardsuit sketch

You've seen a partial version of this hardsuit in Holding On. Here is a study for the full thing. Looks pretty cool, eh? Stay tuned for Sketchapalooza IV- night of a thousand sketches...


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  1. Very nice sketches … I personally like the suffix “-apalooza” and find it hard to resist. I also like that photograph (Dali in general as well) and I think it was made in collaboration with Philippe Halsman who also took the famous “In Voluptas Mors” (he spent 3 hours preparing seven models to make the skull image) which inspires so many tributes still today .

    • But you can! It starts with an earnest desire to do something. You already have that:”They are really good sketches. I wish I could draw like that!” Alex has already been where you are now, Give it a try, publish it and allow true artists like him, comment on it. A sculptor, had completed a statue of a very life-like elephant once, long ago. Someone asked,how he managed to get the statue so perfect? The artist replied, saying:”It was easy, I simply chipped off the peaqces that did’nt look like an elephant.


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