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Surrealism Lunch – “Blue Plate Special”

“The Journey Begins”

This is the continuation of my black and white photographic collage series. There is a faint touch of color here. High resolution prints are available but that is not really the point. I never sell much of anything and I just keep making them anyway. This image uses pictures from the boatyard where I live. I frequently photograph the boats being repaired there. Once I have a picture of anything it becomes fair game as a collage element. All the elements I use are from my personal photographs. A big part of the fun for me is getting photos of elements I need for the work.

I hope you enjoyed the lunch menu. Remember “Blue Plate Specials”? I probably just betrayed my age. Thanks for stopping by.

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    • Thanks so much. At this time I was packing my house to leave where I had lived for 40 years. I used this boat also in another picture It’s named Discovery and was built in 1931.
      Sorry I didn’t answer sooner. My computer use is sometimes spotty.

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