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Suiseki ~ 365 Photos Challenge #59

I continued the challenge of this 365 Photos Challenge for the 59th day. If you would like to join in and challenge yourself to a photo a day, here are the rules and guidelines.

One of my hobbies is collecting Suiseki (Japan), Suseok (Korea) or Gongshi (China) also known as scholar’s rocks. This is one of my smallest suiseki collections in the iwagata-ishi category.

As I’ve put together in a quiz showing a stone from nature to a work of art is a special preoccupation.

If we have a lot of money we can get it easily by buying it but if we are a true fan, hunting suiseki and get it directly from nature is a great satisfaction. Some of the things we need to know to cultivate this hobby include understanding the philosophy of art, knowing where the beautiful stones can be found, understanding some technical things to present them correctly, understanding the various principles and categories of these suiseki, etc.

It’s just a stone, but with all its uniqueness, each collection has its own value and can be an expensive treasure. Are you interested?


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